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 Your Jelly babies thank yo for these amazing 4 days !

We met so many wonderful people ! We reimburse the price of the table&zines&bags (and it is truly unbelievable), saw old and new faces.

Both of us got to have Mark Gatiss sign us a little something, and we also gave him basically everything we had on our table ! We were so proud ! We also recognize Ian Hallard at the end of the masterclass so we gave him a little fanzine too ! He is such a polite man.

We saw the Tardis console and I start giggling like a 9 year old ! Touching its floor with your feet all like “hihihihihhihihi I’m on the tardiiiis”.

We are already thinking about next year ! : D 

The zine will be a Doctor Who one, with a lot of surprises !!

See you next year !

A big thanks to the official DW table ! I’ll keep preciously the poster you gave us !